mercredi 9 avril 2003.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Fujitsu Services today signed a four-year office automation contract. Expectations are that this will save KLM an amount of some €10 million during the term of the contract. The contract itself represents a value of some €40 million. Additionally, over the same period, KLM envisages additional savings on hardware and software of around €5 million arising from better service.

Since April 1, 2003, the airline has been outsourcing management of a significant share of its office automation operations in the Netherlands to Fujitsu Services. In 2001, KLM began to pursue a policy of standardizing and outsourcing office automation operations. In so doing, ICT for the desktop environment within the KLM organization has become more structured and efficient resulting in lower costs and fewer interruptions in the workplace. Outsourcing IT management operations fits in well with the airline’s strategy of focusing solely on its core business. The decision to outsource office automation operations to Fujitsu Services stems from successful cooperation between the two parties in the past. A total number of around 7,000 workstations, 130 servers and 5 local area networks (LANs) are involved.

KLM has been in close contact with Fujitsu Services for some time now concerning the outsourcing of IT management operations. This led to an agreement between KLM Information Services – KLM’s automation organization – and Fujitsu Services in summer 2000. In so doing, the airline committed itself to engaging the services of at least 30 specialists from Fujitsu Services in managing the IT workstations over a two-year period. Cooperation proved successful and a few months later KLM approached Fujitsu Services, requesting the company to take over responsibility for the management of all KLM Benelux’s office automation operations in Hoofddorp. The implementation and operation of this project proved highly successful as well. Consequently, in spring 2002, Fujitsu Services was commissioned to manage the IT infrastructure of KLM’s Amstelveen Headquarters (1,800 workstations). The latter assignment established the basis for the agreement entered into on April 1, 2003, in which KLM agrees that Fujitsu Services will now assume responsibility for managing office automation operations at the Schiphol Center, Schiphol East, Rijswijk and Schiphol Rijk Campuses as well as HQ.

“KLM has taken a significant step towards establishing standardized worldwide workstation, infrastructure and service implementation. Service quality will be enhanced and gains will be achieved on the basis of organizational flexibility and economies of scale,” says KLM CIO Cees Koster, who heads up Information Services.

“We specialize in providing Infrastructure Outsourcing Services aimed at raising productivity among IT users while at the same time lowering the costs of IT management. I have every confidence in the resounding success of our continued cooperative relationship with KLM. Things are going extremely well,” says Frank Boekel, Managing Director of Fujitsu Services.


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